Friday, February 22, 2013

New sketches of Susan Monson

Susan Monson -- actress and model extraordinaire -- brought her amazing creative energy to the figure group at CR Framing this week with two new characters.  Femme-fatale Artemis was decked out in a slinky leather body-suit and armed with two (toy) guns.  "The" is a character primping and practicing for a big audition, dressed to the nines in a shiny mini-dress, blue feather boa and shocking pink wig.  It's fun to see Susan morph into these characters and inhabit them, and it's a real treat to draw her.
charcoal and pastel on brown paper

"THE Auditions"
charcoal and pastel on brown paper
"THE Prepares for her Audition"
charcoal and pastel on brown paper

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hunny's bunny

"Hunny with Fans", acrylic on canvas

"Hunny and Basil", acrylic on canvas
Hunny Bunny (Christina Lowery) delighted us by bringing her bunny, Basil, to the figure group.  Turns out Basil is a natural.  Next stop -- Project Runway!  Sketched at Peterson Studios, January 28, 2013.

Blue princess

"Princess, Kneeling Pose", acrylic on canvas

"Princess, Seated Pose", acrylic on canvas

"Princess, Standing Pose", acrylic on canvas
This beautiful model's name is Princess Adoness.  Her outfit was an amazing combination of leather, spandex and spikes -- so interesting and challenging to draw!  Sketched at the figure group at CR Framing, January 21, 2013.