Friday, August 16, 2013

The Brushoffs Drawing Class

The Brushoffs are a group of artists who meet on Fridays at the Summerset Clubhouse in Brentwood, California.  They usually work on watercolor paintings with artist/instructor extraordinaire Sue Clanton, but this month I'm subbing for Sue with a focus on drawing. 

Today our topic was light and shadow -- how to see it, understand it and render it on a two-dimensional surface.  I started by demonstrating with a lamp to illustrate the different zones of light, shade and shadow an artist can usually expect to see.  Then we jazzed things up with some colored light bulbs and saw how the color and temperature of light can produce surprising, richly colored shadows and bounce-light.

Our first drawing project was a simple cube and sphere study with basic light and shadow effects using charcoal and white pastel on brown paper.  The artists then arranged some blocks and balls under strong lamplight and drew their set-up, considering the cast-shadow shapes an important part of the composition and carefully observing and rendering the subtle effects of light and shadow.  The results were really impressive!  Great composition, dramatic lighting and beautifully-rendered three-dimensional form.  Way to go, you guys!


Lilly and Linda

Pat and Sharon





Linda and Lilly


Pat's drawing





The group's work

Linda's drawing

Virginia's study

Lilly's drawing

Virginia's drawing

Zoe's drawing, "A Square Peg in a Round Hole"

J.J.s drawing

Sharon's drawing

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Great lessons for the group! We met on the DPW site and your work made me curious to see your blog too. I am intrigued by this sketch group you attend in Bel Air because my sister lives up that way and sometimes when my wife and I visit, it would be nice to drop into a sketch group just for the fun and practice. Is this group open for drop in visitors and what is the charge?
    We have a lot in common in our approach to art/aesthetics and I am intrigued that we even picked the same blog template. I enjoy your work very much.