Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26: Sunburst

"Sunburst", acrylic on canvas, 14" x 11"
When I give my young students a landscape project they almost always want to include the sun.  Guess I can't resist including it once in a while myself.  This painting is inspired by one of my all-time favorite artists, American painter Charles Burchfield.  Burchfield loved nature and wanted to convey not only the look of it but also the sounds, smells, wind, rain, heat, cold, growth, decay, fleeting moments.  His work is wild and strong, and truly amazing.


  1. So excited that you know Burchfield. Usually when I mention him, I get a blank look.
    It's been great to look at your works that range from freehand landscapes to geometric fantasies, a gal after my own heart. I love that you have taken some trite architectural symbols and woven them into your work.

    1. Laurel, I've gotten plenty of blank looks when I mention Burchfield, too, but then it's fun to introduce those people to his work. He's a real hero of mine. Thanks so much for the nice comments and insights!